Use of metformin in patients who require intravascular administration of a contrast agent


Dominika Rokicka, Marta Wróbel, Dorota Stołtny, Krzysztof Strojek

Metformin is a drug that has been widely used around the world for many years. Due to its properties, metformin is used in the treatment of carbohydrate disorders (in type 2 diabetes, prediabetes) and in insulin resistance syndromes (including polycystic ovary syndrome).
Many patients using metformin, due to complications of carbohydrate metabolism disorders, including cardiovascular complications or other accompanying diseases, require cardiological or radiological diagnostics related to the administration of a contrast agent.
The aim of this study is to summarize the recommendations regarding the use of metformin before procedures involving the use of contrast agents and to share our own experience in this area, based on observations of a large group of patients with cardiological diseases hospitalized at the Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases in Zabrze.

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