Increased efficacy of hypothyroidism control with liquid levothyroxine


Marek Ruchała

Inadequate thyroid hormone balance may occur in more than one-third of hypothyroid patients treated with levothyroxine (LT4) [1]. Due to the narrow therapeutic index and multiple factors affecting the drug absorption (e.g. patients’ non-compliance, meaning too short interval to food intake), restoring euthyroidism may be challenging [2]. Absorption of liquid LT4 is 30 min quicker than LT4 in tablet form, thus minimizing the risk of drug malabsorption [3]. Moreover, liquid LT4 is more effective than LT4 tablet in TSH level control in patients with hypothyroidism on replacement or suppressive therapy [4, 5]. This article describes three patient cases, in which previous LT4 therapy problems were solved with liquid LT4 form (Tirosint SOL).

Keywords: hypothyroidism; liquid levothyroxine; Tirosint SOL