Hypoglycaemia in endocrine, diabetic, and internal diseases.


Dominika Rokicka, Bogdan Marek, Dariusz Kajdaniuk, Marta Wróbel, Aleksandra Szymborska-Kajanek, Monika Ogrodowczyk-Bobik, Agata Urbanek, Szymon Janyga, Halina Borgiel-Marek, Krzysztof Strojek

Hypoglycemia is a decrease in blood glucose concentration below the physiological level. It occurs in healthy people and in people with various diseases with inadequate secretion of insulin by β cells, or deficiency of counterregulatory hormones secreted at the moment of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is also associated with diabetes therapy, regardless of whether behavioral therapy, oral hypoglycemic agents, or insulin are used. Distinguishing the causes of hypoglycemia is the basis for taking appropriate therapeutic actions that protect patients against subsequent episodes of lowering blood glucose and complications caused by hypoglycemia.

Keywords: hypoglycaemia; endocrine; diabetes

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